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                                               Craig Frances Music Showcase .

                                            Tuesday  12th September 7 pm.

Craig Francis Music is the Wedding Band Melbourne is dancing to. Providing live music and atmosphere perfectly tailored for you, we work with you to make your wedding reception the one to remember. We are the stylish, professional and modern choice for Melbourne.                                        



Friday 25th August  8 pm.

Live N Local.

Ras Jahknow blazes through new soul and fresh rhythms into what is described best as culturally rich, roots reggae music.

Weave through the diverse native sounds from the African island nation of Cape Verde,Brazil,Tanzania and Mauritius to Australia.

The band embodies a vision of unity,respect and peace.


Friday 15th September and Friday 13th October.

Ruby Blue.

Ruby Blue is an original band that pays homage to the super sounds of 1975 to 1985.

Tipping their hat to such artists as Micheal Franks ,Chaka Khan,Toto and The police.

Ruby Blue continues to blur the lines between Jazz,Funk and Pop.



Friday !st September   8 pm.

Kid Life Crisis.

Kid Life Crisis irrationally seeks to answer the inexplicable questions that life often throws up. But the destination is often rendered irrelevant after a few songs and a few drinks and of course the journey becomes far more important. Inspired by the spirit of New Orleans music, Kid Life Crisis have been playing together in various incarnations since they were teenagers. These busy, young Melbourne musicians already know deep down that there are far more questions than there are answers, which guides Kid Life Crisis to its own unique brand of spontaneous and improvised music.




Friday 22nd September and 27th October from 8 pm.

Universal Outcast .

Universal Outcast are a 4-piece alternative-rock band hailing from Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs. Founded by high school buddies Steven Reinhardt ( Vocals, Keys, Guitar) and Lachlan Beattie-Powell (Bass, Guitar), the eccentric duo collaborated with budding musicians over the course of 2010 through 2014 before finally settling with Dominic Brinkley (Guitar, Vocals) and Sean Ahrbeck (Drums).

Drawing influences from Radiohead, Tame Impala, Muse and Silverchair, the band thrives on creating highly energetic rock music that embraces synthesizers and ambience. The debut self-titled EP contains 6 songs all of which were recorded, mixed, and mastered by frontman Steven Reinhardt inside his dad’s office (outside of business hours of course).


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